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**General Terms:**

1. The coaching + changemaking offered by Alek von M. is not therapy and does not replace medical or psychological treatment. The coach is not licensed as a therapist or doctor.
2. Coaching + changemaking is solely for educational purposes and to support personal and professional goals.
3. The client takes full responsibility for their decisions and actions during and after coaching + changemaking.
4. The coach assumes no liability for losses, damages, or injuries directly or indirectly resulting from participation in coaching + changemaking.
5. The client commits to indemnify Coach Alek von M. from any claims, lawsuits, or damages arising from participation in coaching + changemaking.
6. The coach strives to maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity. However, there is no guarantee that the coach will meet these standards in all cases.

**Self-Endangerment Declaration:**
7. The client expressly confirms not having suicidal intentions or planning actions that endanger their own safety at the time of participating in coaching + changemaking.
8. If it is revealed during coaching + changemaking that the client has suicidal thoughts or considers self-endangerment, the client is obligated to immediately inform the coach.
9. The coach reserves the right to terminate the service and, if necessary, offer professional help or support to ensure the client's safety.
10. The client agrees to be responsible for their own safety and well-being during participation in coaching + changemaking and actively collaborate with the coach to minimize any risks.

**Payment Terms:**
11. After agreeing on the coaching or changemaking package, the client can pay in a lump sum or multiple installments.
12. Refunds are excluded after the initial payment or fee. This applies even in case of contract termination or premature termination of the service by the client or coach.
13. The payment of the fee is a binding remuneration for the services provided or agreed upon and is not refundable.
14. Any claims for reimbursement or refund of the fee are expressly excluded, and the remaining installment sums must be paid.

**Termination and Disclaimer:**
15. The coach reserves the right to terminate the service at any time and not refund the fee if it is found that the client does not adhere to the agreed-upon rules or provides false information during the initial consultation.
16. The client agrees that the continuation of the service depends on adhering to certain behavioral rules and truthfulness of information.
17. If the coach finds that the client is uncooperative or requires psychological treatment, the service may be terminated, and the fee will not be refunded.
18. This provision remains unaffected even in the event of impossibility or delay in service due to force majeure or other unforeseeable events.
19. The client is informed that the coach's decision to terminate the service is final, and there is no claim for a refund of the fee. However, the remaining hours will never expire.

**Additional Clause for Couple Coaching: Manipulative Influence and Control Behavior:**
20. If, during couple coaching, it is observed that one party influences the other excessively through control or manipulative behavior, the coach reserves the right to temporarily pause the coaching, even if the influencing partner is not actively participating in the coaching session.
21. The pause is intended to give both parties the opportunity to reconsider their situation and make individual decisions on how best to address shared challenges.
22. The coach will not favor one party or make decisions against any during this pause. The goal is to create a neutral space where both partners can openly discuss their needs and concerns.
23. The resumption of coaching will only occur once both parties have made a joint decision and are ready to actively participate in coaching constructively.
24. Any changes or continuations of coaching after the pause will be made in consultation with both partners to ensure that the collaboration is productive and supportive for both sides.

**Date & Sign:**
Please sign before the first coaching + changemaking session and send it to or bring it with you.

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