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What others think of me.


What others think of me.

Lena Hendricks, food

I've been to a lot of coaches and really liked that Alek worked really intuitively. I can recommend him to anyone who wants to address their issues in a confidential environment, with warm support and a lot of understanding.

Since Alek incorporates his life experience very authentically, the relationship is built on an equal footing and with a lot of empathy.

The great thing about Alek is that he is less into toxic positivity and more interested in finding a healthy way to deal with the past, present and future.

Johann Skierka, Berlin

Alek isn't one to just talk. And also no one who just listens. Alek draws on his immense life experience and cleverly integrates it into the patient's context. He is empathetic but also honest and says straight away what he thinks. Alek goes where the traces of the past are visible, even if those are precisely the pain points. Rarely have I met someone who challenged me so much without me noticing it. And rarely have I experienced so many moments that shook me up and prepared me positively for the future. The years of therapy and day hospital stays were lukewarm preparation for what I am now achieving with him. Alek gave me new structures that will prepare me for any hiccups in the future. And if he does come, Alek will be right back. Thanks for that!
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