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Sometimes couples reach a point where they question whether they should continue their relationship or break up. It is a time of uncertainty in which many questions arise: What else works in our relationship? Why are we even still together? We need to clarify these questions, not only for ourselves, but also for our children. It is important to make this decision consciously and together in order to either be better together or better apart.

Step 1: Clarifying the situation In the first step we will clarify the current challenges and problems in your relationship. We will talk openly about what is bothering you both and how these issues are affecting your relationship.

Step 2: Set goals Together we will set clear goals for the coaching. This could be things like better communication, rebuilding trust, or finding new ways to resolve conflicts.

Step 3: Analysis and reflection We will analyze and reflect on your relationship together. We will pay attention to patterns and dynamics that may be contributing to the current problems.

Step 4: Improve Communication An important part of the coaching will be to improve your communication as a couple. We will learn techniques and strategies to talk to each other more effectively and reduce misunderstandings.

Step 5: Conflict Resolution We will explore different approaches to conflict resolution and determine which ones work best for your relationship. The aim is to deal with disputes constructively.

Step 6: Restore Trust If trust has been lost in your relationship, we will develop strategies to restore that trust. Trust is an important basis for a successful partnership.

Step 7: Planning for the future We will talk together about how you imagine your future together. What values, goals and dreams do you have as a couple and how can you integrate them into your relationship?

Step 8: Implementation and Progress In the final step, we will plan and implement measures to achieve the goals that we have set together. We will track your progress and make sure you are on the right track.

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