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My journey into the world of sports began when I was five years old. It didn't take long for me to become my country's elite. I went from a figure skater to a pro on Holiday on Ice, then a boxer, and finally a pro bodybuilder. Even at 50, I'm still firmly rooted in the fitness world. Not only do I walk 10,000 steps a day, I also train 5–6 times a week for 75 minutes. My appreciation for the sport is embedded in my life.

Sport keeps you young and energetic. It gives us more energy, reduces fat, and promotes muscle growth - everything we need to feel alive and happy. What's your thing, What are your goals? Have you given up long ago? Imagine that you started exercising this week or month - be it outside, in the gym, on the ice, or boxing. How would you feel? How would you look? 

Dare to finally do something for yourself. Only you have the power to bring about change. 

Are you ready to take the first step?

Then call me now and together we can do it.





I am flexible for individual arrangements on weekends and in general.

60 minutes

Pack of five

Pack of ten

Monthly package @ twice a week 

Monthly package @ 3 times a week 

99 CHF

450 CHF

900 CHF

800 CHF

1200 CHF

Complete this package within one month.

Complete this package within one month.

Each training session has 60 minutes 

Couple-family-group training possible, just ask.

Self-optimization packages

Coaching 60 mins. Fitness 60 mins 


250 CHF


1200 CHF


2500 CHF

Gift vouchers, tailor-made business and private packages available, just contact me.

I am not recognized by health insurance companies, you are welcome to receive an invoice that can be conveniently paid via Twint or in cash.

Call me or WhatsApp me:


My address

Wehntalerstrasse 50

8162 Steinmaur


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