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IT CANNOT BE MORE AUTHENTIC! I reveal the complex paths of my life, marked by unresolved transgenerational trauma and a completely broken and emotionless family, to show you that it is always worth moving on! The darkness began with an unwanted birth in which a deeply traumatized, innocent soul gave birth to a son she could never love. That son was me! 


In the escapism mode I practiced for nearly 20 years, I lived in nine countries, scaled the heights of prosperity, only to find myself caught up in a war of drugs and homelessness and ultimately forced to sell my body. What remained were the physical and mental scars of a desperate fight for survival. As I searched in vain for my mother's love in all my broken relationships and still hope that one day she will choose me, I came to realize the revelation of a huge family secret: that I was not the person I thought I was . I had two biological fathers, one of whom unfortunately succumbed to the effects of drugs and alcohol, while the other belonged to one of the most famous families in the world.


After nearly 47 years in the darkness, I freed myself by overcoming my own pain, shedding victimhood, and helping others emerge from the darkness. 'Forced Born' is no ordinary autobiography; it is a powerful testimony that inspiring strength can emerge from the shadows of the past and that mega power can emerge. Immerse yourself in my story that will inspire you to grow from your pain and initiate profound changes. YOU DARE! This is Volume 1: Childhood


"Gezwungen Geboren ist der Hammer! Alek haut mit seiner ehrlichen Story voll rein. Seine roughen Erfahrungen aus der Kindheit packen dich und lassen dich nicht mehr los. Ein Must-read für alle, die echte Geschichten lieben und sich selbst besser verstehen wollen. Respekt für so viel Offenheit und Ehrlichkeit!"


"As a mother, I am deeply moved by Alek's book. His brutal openness about his childhood touched me deeply. It is a powerful work that takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Alek shows us how important it is to talk about our own challenges and how healing it can be to share your story. This book is an absolute must for parents who want to delve deeper into their children's world and for anyone looking for truth and inspiration."


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