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1981 Age nine, I started working in my mother's store

1987 European Investment Bank and UBS Temporary Student position

1988 Awarded Medal of Merit from our monarch
1989 Played in a Francois Ozon Film, Paris
1991 Holiday on Ice contract, Luxembourg
1994 Personal Trainer License, London

1998 Forbidden Love and 90210, Cologne + Los Angeles
1998-2003 CEO of Killer Dog Inc. Streetwear Stores + Production, Cologne
2004 Harrods, Project Manager 24M GBP account, London
2006 Life coaching degree, London
2007 Created FreshFace Recruitment, London
2008 Created DuckDeluxe Holiday Homes, Paris
2010 Created MenIntoGear Dating, L.A. + Hong Kong
2017 Published "The Loss of Self", Poznan, PL
2022 Created The FuckFear Mindset, Berlin
2024 Published “Gezwungen Geboren”, Zurich

2024 Created and

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